LabLog simplifies signature requests and document signing. Electronic signatures in LabLog comply with FDA part 11 requirements.

Note: Signatures are a restricted feature available to corporate clients. Contact [email protected] to learn more about opening a corporate account with LabLog. 

There are two types of signatures in LabLog. Approval signatures and review signatures. A user can request signatures on their documents using the LabLog mobile app, web app and web API. The type of signature and the signer are set by the user requesting the signature.

Signatures requests can be added to Methods and Tasks. Once a user requests a signature, the signer is notified. Signature requests can be fulfilled by the signer using the LabLog web app or the web API.

Email alerts for new signature requests are sent once every hour to signers. This is to avoid too many emails being sent out when multiple requests are made.

Note: Once a Method or Task has been signed as Approved, it is locked and no longer editable. To revise the signed item, we recommend making a new copy using the copy function in the LabLog mobile app or web app.

To sign a document, a user is required to have the appropriate role as an Approver or Reviewer. This ensures only designated users in a team can review and approve documents.

Requesting signatures

To request a signature for a method, in the mobile app tap on the Methods tab and tap to select an existing method. In the method detail page tap on the gear icon in the top navigation bar and select “Request Approval or Review”. Select the appropriate signature type and the signers. Tap send. The requested signers will receive a notification email.

To request a signature for a task, follow the same steps as above by first selecting the Tasks tab from the main dashboard page.

The gear icon in the method details page triggers a popup display with a button for requesting signatures. In the method details page, you can view the status of the method’s signatures in the panel below the method title.

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