By default, here’s when you’ll receive notifications:

  1. When you receive an invitation to join a team in an organization.
  2. Someone sends you a request to approve or review a document.
  3. When you export your lab notes as PDF or Excel files.
  4. You have scheduled a reminder to perform a task.
  5. A countdown timer has finished.

Email notifications

By default, you will get email notifications if someone in your team has requested that you sign a document for approval or review. In large teams you may frequently receive multiple requests for your signature from team members. To minimize inbox clutter, LabLog sends email notifications for new signature requests once every hour.

LabLog also sends you email notifications when a file that you requested is ready for download. For example, you can request an audit trail for one your protocols.

Reminders created in LabLog automatically generate an email. The reminder emails are schedules to be delivered in appropriate times. For example, if you schedule a reminder to perform a task the day after. You will receive an email notification a few hours before the reminder due time. Reminders scheduled for more than 24 hours from now, generate email notification one day prior to the reminder due time.

Mobile Push Notification

When using the mobile app for Android or iOS, by default mobile push notification alerts are generated for reminders and timers. You can manage how and when notification are delivered from the settings menu on your phone.

When performing a task in the lab, you may start multiple countdown timers that will end at different times. If you send the LabLog app to the background when the timers are still active, a push notification alert is created with an alarm sound when a countdown timer has finished counting. It is best to disable the silent mode on your phone when using LabLog timers. This allows you to hear the alarm sound even if your phone is on lock screen.

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