During implementation at your workplace, you can ask the LabLog team to assign a manager role to an individual user in your workplace. The manager user will then be able to invite additional users to use LabLog. The manager will also be able to assign roles and revoke access.

NOTE: Seat numbers are limited based on the LabLog service agreement. If you purchase 15 seats, you can invite up to 15 users. 

To invite a new user to your LabLog team, sign in to the LabLog web app and click on the menu icon in the top navigation bar. Select "My Team" in the options. See image below.

In the "My Team" page select the Team tab, then click on the "Add New User" button.

Type the email address of the individual you want to invite and click on Send.

NOTE: If you have a manager role in a team, the invited user will automatically join your team after accepting the invitation.

The invited user will receive an email asking them to join your team.

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