When your organization adopts LabLog, an individual within your organization is assigned a manager role by the LabLog team. To join a team, provide your email address to the assigned manager at your workplace. The manager will be able to invite you to be a LabLog user with the team. You will receive an invitation email with a special link that allows you to join your team.

When you receive the invitation email from your LabLog manager, you can click on the button in the email to respond to the invitation. Your browser will launch and you will be directed to either the sign up page or the log in page if you already have a LabLog account. After you have logged in, browse to the "My Team" page by clicking on the user icon in the top navigation bar.

NOTE: You may be automatically redirected to the Team page if you log in via the link in the invitation email.

To see the invitations awaiting your response, select the the "Pending Invitations" tab.

You can accept and join the team of the inviter by clicking on the "Accept Invite" button.

After accepting an invitation from a manager you will be part of a team. As a team member you will be able to view everyone in your team.

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