Users who have been assigned the Approver or Reviewer roles will be able to approve and review methods respectively. To approve or review a method, the author of a method will send a signature request to an authorized user. The authorized user will receive email notifications alerting them about new requests. To view the signature requests select Sign Methods in the top navigation bar menu, then select either Approve or Review to view all requests. Only users with the appropriate user role are able to view the signature pages in LabLog. 

To sign a document click the Sign icon in the Method menu. In compliance with the relevant regulations you will be asked to reconfirm your identity by entering your username and password before completing a signature. Methods sent for review will be available only to the assigned reviewers. Methods send for approval can be accessed only by the approvers until the method approval has been completed. After a method has been signed off as approved the method will be accessible to all team members. Approved methods cannot be edited by any users. 

To edit an approved method copy the method create a new version. The new version will be editable and traceable to the original method. Similar to the original method, the edited versions can be sent again to go through the review approval process.

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