Tasks are records of all physical and mental activities related to your research. If a task is performed repeatedly, like a routine PCR or setting up an instrument, it is recommended that you create a standard Method that can be reproducibly performed to create related Tasks that can be analyzed in the future. In addition to method-derived tasks you can directly create a standalone task in the tasks page.

Creating a task

To create a new Task click on the Tasks button in the top navigation bar in your browser, then click on the Add task button. Type a title for your new task and click Done. Click on Add step to complete creating the task.

Task steps

Like in methods, Steps are the building blocks of a task in LabLog. The steps you add to a task are data entry steps that allow recording of a specific set of data or observations. Using steps allow you to breakdown a large experiment into smaller independent but related units. For example, preparation of reagents and using the reagents can be operated into two district steps within the same task.

To add a step to a task create a new task or select an existing task, then click the Add step button. In the Step View page, add title and instructions to the step and attach any files needed for following the method. Click Done to navigate back to the selected task.

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