A method consists of sequential steps that include instructions for performing an activity. A step in a method can be an instructional step or a data entry step. When performing a method you can follow the instructional steps and enter data in order to create a record of an experiment. In LabLog the experimental records are stored in the Tasks area.

Creating Methods

To create a new Method click on the Methods button in the top navigation bar in your browser, then click on the Add method button. Type a title for your new method and click Done. Click on Add step to complete creating the method.

Method steps

Steps are the building blocks of a method in LabLog. A step can be either an instructional step or a data entry step. Instructional steps guide the user on how to perform a specific task. Data entry steps are logical points in a method where specific set of data or observations need to be recorded by the performing user. Using steps allow you to create highly reproducible methods and experiments. Steps also make methods flexible and amenable to updates.

To add a step to a method create a new method or select an existing method, then click the Add step button. In the Step View page, add title and instructions to the step and attach any files needed for following the method. If you the step is needed to allow data entry click on the Allow notes check box. A step that allows notes can be used to enter data and observations when performing a method. Click Done to navigate back to the selected method.

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