You can preview image files, Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) documents, and PDF files uploaded to your LabLog account. To preview a file, click on the file name in the files list. Click Download to download a copy of the file. To view a file that is not supported for preview in LabLog download the file and open it with the appropriate software application.

To directly download a file click on the more icon next to the file name, then click Download. 

File Context Menu

To delete a file click on the more icon next to the file name in the files list and click Delete.

Microsoft integration
LabLog is integrated with Microsoft Office Live. Click on an attached Excel or Word file in LabLog to launch the Microsoft Live preview feature. This feature provides a number of native capabilities provided by Microsoft like exporting PDF copies and exporting files from LabLog to Microsoft OneDrive.

Dropbox Integration

Dropbox and Google Drive
You can directly upload files from your Dropbox or Google drive account to LabLog. To upload files directly to LabLog select a method or a task and click on a step to navigate to the step view page. Click on the file drop-zone to reveal the file upload options dialog (Figure 4). Select Google Drive or Dropbox and log in to your account. Select one or more files to upload to LabLog. Uploaded files will be listed underneath the file drop-zone.

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