Tags are not visible in printed or exported versions of your notes. You can consider tags in LabLog as meta-data that you can add to your notes to help you with project management and contextual information. For example if you plan to re-assign an experiment to a colleague after certain progress has been made you can create a tag named “Reassign after 90% complete”. This helps you find all experiments due for reassignment based on the tag. Another use for tags is in project management where you tag multiple experiments and protocols with the name of a project or its due date. This enables you to link and track everything that belongs to the specific tag.

Creating tags
You can create an unlimited number of tags in LabLog. All tags are available in a team - tags are not limited to the user who creates them. To create a tag navigate to the Methods or Tasks page in your account, then select a method or task. Click on the Tags icon  to open the tags dialog (image below). Type a new tag name in the Add new tag text area and click on Add. The new tag is created and automatically added to the selected method or task. To remove a tag click on the tag in the tags dialog, then click on the remove icon.

Assigning tags
To assign a tag to a method navigate to the Methods page in your account, then click to select a method from the list. Click on the Tags icon  to open the tags dialog. Click on the area labeled Click here to open the tags list, then click on a tag to add it to you method. The same steps can be repeated in the Tasks page to add tags to a task.

 Managing tags using the mobile app

The LabLog mobile app allows you to create and assign tags to methods and tasks. Navigate to the Methods or Tasks list page, then tap on a method or task in the list to navigate to the details page. Click on the Gear icon in the top navigation menu to open the settings dialog (screenshot below). You can manage create and assign tags in the settings dialog like the desktop app.

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