At LabLog we want to ensure that you benefit from a digital lab notebook that stays up to date with latest security measures, new functionality and other enhancements in technology. At the same time, we want to ensure that you have access to your lab notebook at all times. For this reason, we release updates at specific times during the weekends and at midnight.

When you use LabLog in your web browser, the current version of the LabLog web app is cached inside your browser on your computer. This increases application responsiveness and resilience to any internet connection issues. After a new version of the web app is released the next time you log in you will be asked to refresh your browser to load the new version of the web app.

While we recommended that all users log out after each session, some users may prefer to stay logged in and keep their browser open over longer periods of days and weeks. In this case specific pages in a new update may clash with stale data that is cached by the web browser. 

A common manifestation of this issue is constant reloading of an old page. The stale page may appear to be fluctuating and blinking rapidly. To resolve this issue users need to click on the refresh button in their web browser to replace the stale data with the updated version.

If you are using a Chrome web browser, another approach for replacing the stale version of the web app is to browse to chrome://settings/siteData then search for and click on the trashcan next to it. This will clear all stale data that will be replaced with the new version when you visit the log in page on

In summary, after a new version of the app is released stale data cached in the web browser may in some cases cause issues like a specific page reloading or blinking rapidly. To resolve this issue please refresh the page or clear the browser history to remove the stale data and load the new version of the app.

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